User Experience Monitoring Comparison

User Experience Monitoring & Diagnostics Solution

Organizations looking for the visibility required to effectively onboard, baseline, diagnose, monitor, optimize and validate the performance of user-centric workloads will find Stratusphere UX offers the richest feature set with greatest ability to minimize risk—while placing the user experience front and center.

Stratusphere UX provides comprehensive and advanced features that not only outpace the competition, but is the solution of choice for many noteworthy platform and hardware vendors—providing the ability to meet user expectations and agnostically support the delivery of user experience on physical, virtual and cloud-delivered workspaces. A comparison of Stratusphere UX features and benefits as compared to other leading competitive solutions is provided below. 

Detailed Overview of Stratusphere UX's Competitive Advantages
Key Advantages Stratusphere UX Others
Captures detailed metrics and information on all users, all machines and all applications—all of the time Yes No
Can quantify and trend the user experience as a real-world indicator of performance and meeting user expectations Yes No
Enables a lifecycle approach to the management of their workspaces, including P2V, infrastructure changes, performance validation, platform optimization, etc. Yes No
Offers a trend-able user-centric view of the workspace; unlike infrastructure and application performance monitoring (APM) solutions Yes No

Provides granular and detailed visibility the machine boot and login process

Yes Few
Open and granular access to all captured metrics through an easy-to-use application programming interface (API) Yes Few
Supports the entire workspace lifecycle, including: inventory, baselining and onboarding of users, design support, and platform validation Yes Few
Supports physical, virtual and cloud-deployed workloads as well as mixed environments Yes Few
Offers time-based metrics for both in-guest metrics as well as for the supporting infrastructure Yes Some
Supports all major platforms and Windows-based delivery approaches Yes Some
Provides support for Linux and Apple OS devices Yes Some

Note: Stratusphere UX plays in the same space as other solutions such as VMware vRealize, Citrix Director, eG Innovations, ControlUp, Aternity and Lakeside Software, among others. VMware vRealize, Citrix Director, eG Innovations, ControlUp, Aternity and Lakeside Software are not trademarks of Liquidware and it is not our intent to claim these as our own. For more details about how our products compare to a specific competing product, please contact

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