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Liquidware Anytime, Anywhere Desktops

Anytime, Anywhere Desktops

ProfileUnity delivers anytime, anywhere, any-device desktops to clinicians regardless of where they login to workspaces.

Liquidware Managing Printers

Managing Printers

ProfileUnity allows admins to select only local printers to deliver to specific user groups, allowing them to choose selected printers close to their locations and not the entire list.

Liquidware Accelerating Logins

Accelerating Logins

Use Stratusphere UX and ProfileUnity to reduce login times for near instantaneous access to workspaces, saving precious patient care time.

Liquidware Boosting Security

Boosting Security

Liquidware solutions help health-care organizations meet US-CERT recommendations to protect their desktop environments from malware and ransomware attacks.

Liquidware Simplifying Desktop Image and Application Delivery

Simplifying Desktop Image and Application Delivery

Centralize EHR and other applications and deliver on-demand, simplifying application management to create the most efficient application strategy.

Liquidware Imprivata Integration

Imprivata Integration

ProfileUnity integrates with providers such as Imprivata for secure single-sign on authentication, eliminating multiple logins.

Meeting Compliance and Patient Care Needs With "Follow-Me" Desktops

Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to desktop virtualization technologies in order to better address the requirements of HIPAA and Meaningful Use compliance as well as to enhance security of patient data.   Healthcare organizations today require “follow-me” workspaces for staff in order to free them to provide better care to the patient.  Healthcare not only needs flexible follow-me desktops, but requires near instantaneous access to them.  Liquidware solutions support Imprivata for secure single-sign on authentication thus reducing “repeat” logins. Clinicians need only to actually login the first time; subsequently their profiles and all group policies will follow them from station to station.  Visit our Customers page, for more information about how Healthcare organizations are using Liquidware solutions.

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