Google Cloud

Google Platform

Key Use Cases For Amazon WorkSpaces

Liquidware User Environment Management

User Environment Mgmt

User Environment Management for Cloud environments is provided by the leading industry solution ProfileUnity

Liquidware Application Layering

Application Layering

Application Delivery Strategies for Cloud platforms are supported by FlexApp application layering

Liquidware Monitoring


Detailed monitoring metrics data provided by Stratusphere is essential for Cloud Environments

Partnering with Google Cloud to Host Digital Workspaces

Liquidware partners with Google to support deploying digital workspaces on their advanced Cloud platform. The solutions provides advanced functionality and can be found on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

The importance of cloud platforms has been steadily increasing to support digital workspace transformation at a growing numbers of enterprise organizations. Cloud platforms enable uncoupling workers from static devices, thereby letting their workspaces “roam” as needed. They can perform their jobs anytime, anywhere, on any device with an Internet connection.  Therefore cloud platforms are becoming strategic in offering Work-from-Home programs.

Liquidware solutions support the optimum deployment of workspaces on leading cloud platforms, including Google cloud as follows:

  • Stratusphere UX gathers and provides key end user experience monitoring and diagnostics. Stratusphere UX offers hundreds of unique proprietary metrics that competitors lack, to support the design of desktop images and infrastructure for a specific platform. Key diagnostics ensure that the highest fidelity workspaces are provided to users based on their requirements, whether task, knowledge or power users.
  • ProfileUnity harvests the current user workspace and applications from legacy Windows desktops to prepare for a smooth migration to Google cloud workspaces. Administrators can orchestrate workspace changes from one central management console. ProfileUnity offers features that support ongoing management of user profiles, policies, user-authored data and cloud storage for users. This solution also allow users to co-exist and move across physical, virtual, RDS, and mixed Windows OS, RDSH, Server 2016) with ease. Additional features boost desktop security with policy management, application restriction, blacklisting and whitelisting, granular or complete desktop lockdown and privilege elevation.
  • FlexApp is an advanced application layering solution that can be deployed on Google cloud. FlexApp greatly streamlines the management of applications and enhances security by ensuring that they are regularly updated. Thus this key solution can drive down the cost of application management by allowing administrators to leverage a single Windows Server base image to deliver multiple applications. This approach eliminates the need to constantly update the base image or affect user productivity with application updates. FlexApp layered applications are not installed to the base Windows image, but instead are layered onto the server, where they look, react, and feel as if they were direct installed.