Liquidware and IGEL

IGEL Alliance

Stratusphere UX Supports Strategic Planning For IGEL OS and Devices

The Liquidware and IGEL alliance is built on years of collaboration in end user computing. Liquidware Stratusphere UX features a purpose-built “Connector ID” agent that is available seamlessly within the IGEL firmware and can easily be activated to report on end-to-end user experience metrics. Stratusphere UX is an exclusive version of Stratusphere that can be leveraged to perform assessments to support migrations from one digital workspace platform to another.   This process identified PCs and users that are ideal candidates to be repurposed to thin IGEL OS devices – saving organizations thousands, if not millions, of dollars in capital expenditure costs annually.

IGEL OS provides an endpoint operating system designed for VDI, DaaS and cloud workspaces. These solutions provide hardware cost savings, reduce ongoing operating expenses, provide a more secure and manageable endpoint. Additionally, IGEL allows you to control platform access across nearly any x86-64 device including thin clients, PCs, laptops and NComputing Arm devices. By installing IGEL OS you’re ensuring a secure chain of trust from the employee to cloud-hosted apps and workloads minimizing endpoint attach surfaces. IGEL’s software products include IGEL OS™, IGEL UD Pocket™ (UDP) and IGEL Universal Management Suite™ (UMS).

Liquidware is the leader in digital workspace management solutions for Windows desktops. The company’s products encompass all facets of management to ensure the ultimate user experience across all workspaces – physical, virtual, DaaS or in the cloud. Enterprises across the globe utilize Liquidware solutions to dramatically decrease time spent managing desktops, while delivering increased security, flexibility and scalability. Supported platforms include Microsoft physical, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), and RDS desktops, Citrix Desktops, VMware Horizon View, Amazon WorkSpaces (AWS), and Nutanix Frame.

IGEL has worked closely with Liquidware to enable no-cost licenses of Stratusphere UX to assess for ideal hardware to be repurposed to thin IGEL OS devices and to plan your virtual or cloud based workspace roll-out. To request your no-cost license and assessment, just complete this form and representatives from Liquidware and IGEL will be in touch.

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