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Liquidware User Environment Mgmt

User Environment Mgmt

User Environment Management for VMware environments is provided by the leading industry solution ProfileUnity

Liquidware Application Layering

Application Layering

Application Delivery Strategies for VMware platforms are supported by FlexApp application layering

Liquidware Monitoring


Detailed monitoring metrics data provided by Stratusphere is essential for VMware Environments

Digital Workspace Management for VMware Horizon and Workspace One

Liquidware is a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, delivering the industry’s only Digital Workspace Management suite. Liquidware's ProfileUnity and FlexApp add significant capabilities to VMware Horizon and Workspace One with the industry’s only fully integrated User Environment Management and Application Layering solution. Liquidware Stratusphere UX delivers robust user experience data that gives IT unparalleled diagnostics and monitoring visibility to resolve user experience challenges fast. When workspaces are managed with Liquidware’s Digital Workspace Management, users experience zero downtime for migrations during OS upgrades or when transitioning to or from other Windows desktop platforms.

Liquidware offers the following solutions for VMware Horizon desktops:

Advanced UEM that exceeds basic VMware DEM in Horizon Environments

ProfileUnity allows VMware Horizon users to incorporate advanced user environment management functions into their environments, far surpassing the capabilities of  VMware DEM.  ProfileUnity provides a universal profile format that can be used across VMware Horizon, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Microsoft AVD and RDS, Cloud-based, and physical devices. Many customers have experienced logins that are exponentially faster than VMware DEM.  Location and context-aware policy and profile capabilities integrate with Microsoft AD for maximum control of users and greater security. ProfileUnity goes beyond user level policies with the ability to easily write policies and registry keys at the local machine level – offering a higher level of security to your desktops. With zero-downtime migration to any supported Windows operating system, administration is seamless while users can work uninterrupted.

Layering that goes beyond VMware App Volumes

FlexApp equips VMware Horizon users with the applications they need while minimizing base image management for administrators. FlexApp not only outperforms VMware App Volumes, but also adds functionality to VMware ThinApp application virtualization. FlexApp’s easy packaging and innovative features enables administrators to create a comprehensive application strategy. Applications can be delivered at boot, login, based on a trigger point, or on demand with FlexApp's exclusive "Click-to-Layer" feature. Application packaging is also made easy with FlexApp’s built-in Micro Isolation feature which eliminates complicated app packaging scenarios by automatically resolving file level conflicts.  FlexApp containers can be provisioned either as VHD or VMDK or may be mixed. A built-in messaging fabric with a high availability design avoids the requirement of App Volumes required load balancers which can add significant cost. FlexApp is fully integrated with ProfileUnity UEM, which includes management features that larger organizations demand, such as fully context-aware app delivery and role-based access. FlexApp also now features FlexApp One, an exclusive feature that enables layered applications to go offline and be deployed directly with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Desktop Monitoring that replaces and exceeds VMware vRealize

With the EOL of vRealize, many Horizon users are looking for a replacement monitoring solution that can go beyond basic platform monitoring.   Time-tested, proven Stratusphere UX offers significantly more detailed user experience data than any other solution on the market.  Stratusphere UX is a stand-alone, independent desktop monitoring solution that can be used across all desktop platforms -- physical, virtual or cloud hosted workspaces, including Citrix, Nutanix, Microsoft Windows and Amazon. Stratusphere UX provides comprehensive desktop monitoring of the environment through dashboards and inspector views and provides essential built-in reporting not available in other solutions. An API allows Stratusphere UX data to be exported into other reporting platforms as required, including PowerBI or Tableau.  An integration kit allows Stratusphere UX data to be viewed in leading ITSM solutions including ServiceNow and TopDesk.   Ad-hoc dashboards can be created as needed. Stratusphere UX provides visibility into network service and applications, as well as application processes and usage. With true in-the-guest visibility for all users, machines and applications across all groups, hosts and data stores, organizations can optimize VMware Horizon performance to meet and exceed SLAs. Stratusphere UX excels at providing the data needed for deep forensic diagnostics to quickly uncover root causes and troubleshoot issues to to keep users productive.

"We're rolling out a VDI solution worldwide and find Stratusphere UX an invaluable asset."

IT Project Manager at Rolls-Royce

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