Stratusphere UX Advanced Mode SpotCheck May 10 views: 412 0
Stratusphere UX Advanced Mode SpotChecks automate a broad-to-narrow series of workspace metric queries that enable a cursory health check of an existing platform or architecture. By way of example, this video demonstrates how to create a SpotCheck that...
Stratusphere UX API Builder Apr 1 views: 1,325 0
The Stratusphere API Builder provides a readable and easy to use interface for building custom JSON API queries of collected metrics and information. This short video highlights a few of its core features.
Stratusphere UX Dashboards Mar 25 views: 1,179 0

Stratusphere UX Advanced Mode Dashboards provide a front-end and overview of key metrics and user experience indicators. This dashboard overview shows you how to gain visibility to support user workload monitoring and helpdesk activities.

Sep 26 views: 899 0
This video provides an overview of the Stratusphere UX Network Process inspector, which provides details about network IO—detail that is important when looking at network consumption metrics tied to specific applications and processes.
Sep 26 views: 1,060 0

This video provides an overview of the Stratusphere UX Event Log trending inspector. Unlike traditional log analysis...

Sep 26 views: 799 0

This video showcases how you can leverage Stratusphere UX to provide GPU visibility at the machine and applications level. This detail is important when looking to quantify graphics consumption and how GPU metrics contribute to an overall user...

Jun 28 views: 3,279 0
Stratusphere UX Profile Score Description: This video provides an overview of the UX Profile Score in Stratusphere UX, which provides the foundation for quantifying the user experience within the solution.
Jun 26 views: 3,742 0
Stratusphere UX provides hundreds of reports on key metrics in a desktop environment. This video provides an overview of the types of preinstalled reports and how to access them.
Jun 26 views: 3,518 0
This video provides an overview of the advanced inspectors in Stratusphere UX that provides a drill down into detailed information about the Machine Boot and Login Processes in a desktop environment.
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