Introducing Stratusphere UX 6.7 Apr 18 views: 2,001 0

Liquidware's Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Monitoring solution, Stratusphere UX 6.7, offers an enhanced UI, DEX User Sentiment Surveys, Logoff Breakdown, Profile Container Metrics, Machine Internet Connectivity, CommandCTRL integration and much...

Spotlight Series: Stratusphere UX v6.7 — Internet Speed Test Apr 18 views: 1,948 0

In this episode, we look at Stratusphere UX 6.7 and the Internet Speed Test feature which in a hybrid world gives insights into a user's internet connection quality, no matter where their location.

Spotlight Series: Stratusphere UX v6.7 — Digital Employee Experience (DEX) User Sentiment Surveys Apr 18 views: 2,087 0

In this episode, we look at Stratusphere UX 6.7 and the new Digital Employee Experience (DEX) User Sentiment Surveys which bring intelligent timing and unobtrusive prompts that allow users to opt in to provide valuable feedback.

Spotlight Series: Stratusphere UX v6.7 — Interface Overview Apr 18 views: 2,196 0

In this episode, we look at Stratusphere UX 6.7 and the new enhanced UI with reorganized, intuitive tab-based navigation, overview dashboards and detailed views.

IGEL Disrupt 2021 Chicago, Liquidware, Ensure Workspace Transformation Success with Digital Workspace Management Oct 15 views: 13,321 0
Liquidware is a leader in Digital Workspace Management. This session was presented at IGEL Disrupt Chicago, 2021 and covers how Stratusphere UX monitors any workspace environment, including IGEL Edge OS, to give you complete user experience visibility....
Stratusphere UX Demo: Under 7 Minutes Jan 28 views: 17,897 0

Check out this demo that shows you a high-level look at Liquidware Stratusphere UX in under 7 minutes.

Stratusphere UX 6.5. Migration - Separate Hub and DB appliances on Vmware vSphere Infrastructure Nov 23 views: 14,990 0
Migration walk through for the Statusphere 6.5 Migration using scenario 3 in the migration guide. This example covers migrating separate UX database and hub appliances in a VMware vSphere environment.
Stratusphere UX Work From Home Metrics Jul 29 views: 18,275 0

Liquidware Stratusphere UX has added critical “First Mile” metrics and provides a comprehensive view of the data you need to provide  a quality work from home option to your employees.  Regardless of how you deploy workspaces, Stratusphere UX lets you...

Stratusphere UX integration with BI, Data Mining and ServiceDesk Workflows Oct 9 views: 18,518 0

Stratusphere UX and its robust API is now evolving to integrate with the various Business Intelligence platforms on the market today. These platforms bring Data Visualization capabilities to enterprises in some exciting ways. Stratusphere UX has an...


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