5 Ways Stratusphere UX Goes Beyond DEX

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Tuesday, October 24, 2023 - 13:45
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James O'Regan, Chris Walker
Stratusphere UX is more than just a DEX solution. On October 24, James O’Regan, Product Marketing Manager, and Chris Walker, Stratusphere UX Subject Matter Expert, walked us through 5 detailed use cases where Stratusphere UX goes beyond DEX.

These include:
1. ServiceNow Integration
2. Export of Data through API
3. Login Breakdown reports
4. First IGEL Ready partner to have an app for OS 12 (The most third-party agents: Dell, IGEL, 10Zig, StratoDesk, Linux, MacOS, HP, Lenovo)
5. Peripheral identification (Microphones, Badge scanners)

Presented by:
James O'Regan, Product Marketing Manager, Liquidware
Chris Walker, Senior Solutions Architect & Stratusphere UX SME, Liquidware
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