App-V End of Life: How to Move Forward?

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Thursday, June 8, 2023 - 11:15
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Morteza Esteki, Andreas van Wingerten, Greg Lambert

Microsoft’s App-V solution is the most commonly used application virtualization and delivery solution for enterprise organizations worldwide. However, after having no new features added for years now, App-V officially will become end of life in 2026.

Its successor is MSIX. Based on several expert reports, MSIX does not yet meet the needs and requirements of organizations. The success rate of packaging (without additional external tooling) is only 30-40% and MSIX is not yet fully supported on all Windows versions (most features are limited to Windows 11). As a result, organizations using App-V are forced to look at alternatives for their application management.

This is a trend we see in our work every day. Therefore, in this webinar, we present our fully mature and future-proof alternative, FlexApp™. FlexApp leverages application layering by pulling applications away from the OS and placing them in their own "application layer”. This way, individual applications can be easily and flexibly delivered to any platform. Andreas van Wingerden will explain how FlexApp fits within the Modern Application Management practice and briefly show the layering concept.

But what is the “risk” of starting such a migration? We are proud to have Greg Lambert, CEO of ApplicationReadiness, sharing his vision on how to prepare and convert your applications in order to take the next step in application delivery. He will also comment on the “Application Compatibility Matrix” that he has created, which compares the compatibility rates of FlexApp, App-V, MSIX and other solutions.

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