Liquidware Unplugged: 2024 VDI and DaaS Transformations in Healthcare

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Tuesday, May 7, 2024 - 10:00
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Jason E. Smith, DJ Eshelman, Gary Edtl, Jack Smith

In 2024, healthcare organizations are facing significant shifts in their digital workspace platforms. This webinar includes leading expert panelists, that will discuss trends in delivering digital workspaces in healthcare in 2024 and beyond. This webinar will be a LIVE and unplugged discussion, taking many questions from the audience. We will also discuss how to decouple your users' Digital Employee Experience (DEX) from your VDI/DaaS platform. This approach enables effortless transitions to any Windows workspace platform, including Microsoft AVD, Windows 365, Citrix, Dizzion Frame, Nerdio, and VMware Horizon. Discover strategies to provide users with a seamless workspace cutover from day one, equipped with all necessary applications, user profiles, and data access they need to remain productive. Join us to learn from the experience of a leading healthcare organization as they navigate the shift to Microsoft AVD, utilizing Liquidware's comprehensive DEX coverage – the most complete in the industry.

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