Ready for Windows 11? Get the 411 from Liquidware

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Friday, October 29, 2021 - 12:00
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Jason E. Smith and Matt Boyajian
Windows 11 gives Microsoft’s OS a new look and users are starting to ask when their organization is going to roll it out. Before you start letting users adopt new Windows 11 desktops you need to know what the challenges are to ensure you can cut users over with zero user downtime. Do you have a handle on applications installed vs. applications that are actually used to start your application strategy for Windows 11? Will your app layering solution support Windows 11 without repackaging? Is your organization invoking best practices to ensure no user data is left behind? Are Windows 11 profiles consistent with Windows 10 profiles? Because there are so many Windows 10 profile versions, is that a challenge too? To ensure you have a plan and users are productive on day one of Windows 11, attend this webinar where the experts at Liquidware will share the 411 on Windows 11 to arm you for your upcoming desktop transformation.