Unleashing the Power of Stratusphere UX

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Tuesday, June 20, 2023 - 08:30
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James O'Regan, Chris Walker

Are you aware of the full capabilities of Stratusphere UX? In this webinar, James O’Regan, Product Marketing Manager, and Chris Walker, Subject Matter Expert for Stratusphere UX, will delve into powerful use case scenarios. These use cases include leveraging Stratusphere UX license costs, integrating with ServiceNow, extending the lifecycle of the PC, assessing applications for migration strategy, and security posture. To conclude the webinar, we have an exhilarating treat in store for you — a live preview and demonstration of the new cutting-edge user interface (UI) for Stratusphere UX. If you want to expand your usage of Stratusphere UX or simply want to learn more, then this is a can’t miss event. This webinar is intended for any partner or organization with virtual, cloud, or physical Windows workspaces.

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