Why You Should Be Cloud Staging Your Desktops NOW

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Friday, February 21, 2020 - 09:15
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Jason E. Smith

You know your organization needs a cloud strategy and may even be considering cloud-based desktops for at least some of their users. Regardless of where you are with your planning, you can take steps today to make your Windows desktops and user data more dynamic and prepare them for a move to new physical, virtual, or cloud desktops. Cloud Staging is an adaptive workspace management strategy that leverages centralized cloud-based storage as a “staging area” to transform desktops. A Cloud Staging strategy can enable an organization to co-exist desktop types, or lift-and-shift users to an entirely new desktop platform. Important user-centric data – such as applications, user-authored data, and user profiles – are seamlessly synced and hosted on cloud storage, while users remain productive and ready to logon to their new desktop as soon as required. In this webinar you’ll learn how to plan and assess for your desktop transformation, stage dynamic user profiles and user-authored data in the cloud, and start delivering applications today that are compatible with cloud-based desktops on day zero. This presentation is geared to large enterprises who may be starting to develop a cloud strategy or are evaluating different cloud platforms.

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