Liquidware Your Best Bet for Desktop Transformation Solutions Aug 17 views: 36,970 0

This video describes how Liquidware’s solutions apply to all stages of a digital workspace transformation from POC through production. Cost-effective and simple to deploy, Liquidware’s Essentials bundle saves you money, time and continues to provide...

Stratusphere UX Comprehensive Metrics Sep 8 views: 13,501 0
Liquidware’s Stratusphere UX offers the most comprehensive and detailed set of digital workspace metrics available on the market today. This depth of metrics data is essential for thorough troubleshooting and optimization of hybrid, multi-platform...
Using Liquidware Solutions to Perform Cloud Staging May 15 views: 15,953 0

This video shows how Liquidware solutions, ProfileUnity and FlexApp, can allow organizations to move their user profiles, user-authored data and applications to any cloud environment, including Microsoft WVD, Amazon or Google, ahead of migrating full...

Use Liquidware solutions to complete 10 steps to a WFH option Apr 21 views: 15,535 0

This video cover the 10 required steps to successfully ramp up WFH workspaces quickly, ensuring that they meet your workers’ requirements to be and stay productive.

Reap Real Cost Benefits with Process Optimization Mar 15 views: 14,293 0

Process Optimization can save time for your admins and accrue real cost savings by extending the life of older hardware and reallocating resources to where they are most needed.

FlexApp Saves Time and Cost in WVD Environments Aug 21 views: 16,162 0

FlexApp reduces the time, effort and cost of of delivering applications in a non-persistent WVD desktop environment. You can reduce the overall number of master images and significantly speed up delivery and maintenance of the images you need.

ROI FlexApp Image Management Jun 13 views: 14,191 0

This video provides an analysis of how FlexApp automates application management steps and reduces the number of hours administrators need to install, update, remediate and remove applications from workspace images. ROI cost savings are highlighted....

Adaptive Workspace Solutions Apr 30 views: 14,766 0

This video provides an analysis of how Stratusphere UX can provide user centric metrics to help plan and design workspace images and infrastructure for optimum performance and results. ROI cost savings are highlighted.

ROI Stratusphere UX Workspace Planning Apr 30 views: 14,730 0
This video provides an analysis of how Stratusphere UX captures metrics from existing desktop environments for planning a transition to one desktop platform to another. Stratusphere UX data enables accurate decision-making to design infrastructure,...


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