Adaptive Workspace Solutions Apr 30 views: 296 0

This video provides an analysis of how Stratusphere UX can provide user centric metrics to help plan and design workspace images and infrastructure for optimum performance and results. ROI cost savings are highlighted.

ROI Stratusphere UX Workspace Planning Apr 30 views: 379 0

This video describes the approach taken by Liquidware in offering a suite of solutions that are platform-agnostic and adaptive to support multiple workspace platforms including physical, virtual and cloud-hosted.

Mar 14 views: 13,282 0

This video describes how Liquidware develops their solutions aligned to a proprietary methodology that takes all the guesswork out of POCs and pilots speeding you to the new desktop environment quickly. Then Liquidware solutions continue to reap...

ROI for ProfileUnity on Windows Migrations Mar 14 views: 793 0

This video provides an analysis of how ProfileUnity automates and shaves hours off of a Windows 7 to Windows 10 migrations and supports user profile portability across Windows OS. ROI cost savings are highlighted.

ROI for Stratusphere UX on User Centric Workspace  Support Mar 14 views: 273 0

This video provides an analysis of how Stratusphere UX can provide user centric metrics to assist helpdesk support functions to quickly diagnose issues and restore users to productivity. ROI cost savings are highlighted.

Jul 17 views: 758 0

Stratusphere UX will help you define and leverage a user-centric performance metric to drive success in your desktop investments; whether those investments are physical PCs, operations to support the desktop workload, shared infrastructure or cloud-...

Jul 17 views: 607 0

Stratusphere UX is the solution to create the optimum applications strategy with an eye towards user experience. Regardless of how you deliver your desktops—physical, virtual or served from the cloud—applications are at the core of those desktop...

Jun 7 views: 2,484 0

Stratusphere UX provides a direct view of workspace performance—a view of the user that is the most authentic and relevant. And when users are in jeopardy, due to unplanned downtime or other user experience issues, it's all about understanding the...

Jun 7 views: 2,210 0

Stratusphere UX focuses on the user experience—from the user's point of view. This is critical if your operations and first-tier support ultimately measure and define success when you have productive, satisfied users; opposed to a definition of...


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