CommandCTRL-Community Edition

CommandCTRL Community Edition

Free Community Edition for Home Use

Introducing CommandCtrl Community Edition, a special free version of our real-time remediation solution that grants you access to the powerful features found in the premium edition for limited personal use! Try it today.

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5-Machine License Limit: CommandCTRL Community Edition comes with a 5-machine license, granting you the power to optimize a select group of workspaces.

24-Hour Telemetry Data Retention: Access a 24-hour window of Windows telemetry data with the CommandCTRL DVR feature, a cornerstone of rapid troubleshooting.

Product Features

CommandCTRL Features AI
This product integrates with ChatGPT - AI to identify which processes are running.
CommandCTRL Features DVR Playback
DVR Playback
The playback feature lets you see historical events to see what actually occurred.
CommandCTRL Features Switch
Switch Feature
Seamlessly navigate and switch between two separate workspaces.
CommandCTRL Features Mirroring
This feature displays the protocol to the physical machine endpoint.

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