Flexible Application Layering

Layer Applications Across Physical, Virtual and Cloud Workspaces

FlexApp layering is the most flexible layering solution available today. FlexApp applications are platform, cloud, and Windows OS version independent. This flexibility allows your organization to take advantage of FlexApp’s PackageOnce™ capabilities* to deliver applications to any Windows workspace. Layering is no longer a roadblock to your migration strategy.  It becomes a powerful asset before, during, and after a migration to your next Windows workspace or browser-based app delivery solution.

FlexApp is the most flexible application layering solution available with application layers that:

  • can be delivered independent of the Windows OS or base image version
  • work across virtual desktops, published apps and desktops, and well managed physical desktops
  • follow a one app per layer methodology for fast updates and edits to applications
  • can be assignedin multiples to users with no login impact with our exclusive on-demand Click-to-Layer™ capabilities - an industry first!
  • support cloud or multi-cloud environment via object-based storage without SMB file shares to manage - an industry first!
  • support Caching to stream only blocks of a layer to users' sessions for high-availability on less than dependable networks - an industry first!
  • are designed for next generation Application Lifecycle Management.

*FlexApp applications are not locked to a specific OS. Testing should be performed to ensure compatibility. The bit-level of the OS (32/64) should match the FlexApp package.