Applications Strategy

Create the Best App Strategy with Liquidware Stratusphere UX

Creating Optimal Applications Strategies for Digital Workspaces

Few would disagree that applications are the most critical element of the digital workspace—and the demand for applications in the enterprise is growing exponentially, including cloud-hosted apps and SaaS. Whether physical, virtual, or cloud-based, application visibility and the creation of an application strategy should be at the top of every organization’s to-do list. Stratusphere UX provides essential data about application versions, updates, and performance to allow your organization to define an optimum application strategy.

Unlike monitoring solutions that simply aggregate management platform counters or tally observed instances, Stratusphere UX leverages its own unique metrics to provide a highly accurate overview of application performance.   These detailed metrics support the important steps in the creation of  application strategies, including:

  • Application Analysis — During the planning phase of creating an application strategy, you must conduct an application inventory, including version information and consumption metrics. 
  • Application Mapping and Image Design — Stratusphere UX metrics support the decision-making process regarding pairing applications with the appropriate delivery approach, which may include on-demand application layering with Liquidware FlexApp.  This task leads to optimal desktop image design and control.
  • Application Experience Modeling — During the POC,  it is important to include validation testing of the image design and platform to ensure best user experience for all applications.
  • Application Operations—After the move to production, it is critical to conduct Diagnostics & Drill Down to uncover non-responsive applications or runaway processes, which can be managed through Stratusphere UX's Process Optimization feature.

Stratusphere UX provides intensive details and metrics of application consumption, performance, and responsiveness as well as detailed data about domains

Unlike simple counters that only tally observed instances, Stratusphere UX provides comprehensive details, essential in creating an application delivery and golden image strategy.

Liquidware Stratusphere UX Application Use and Consumption Inspector

Going Beyond Simply Providing Standard Metrics, Stratusphere UX also provides Workload Ranking Composite Scores To Highlight Applications with Intensive Resource Use.

Liquidware Stratusphere UX App Workload Ranking