Stratusphere UX Integration with ServiceNow

Liquidware ServiceNow

Use Cases for Deploying Stratusphere UX Metrics in ServiceNow Formats

Use Case Stratusphere UX ServiceNow HelpDesk

Help Desk Support

Stratusphere UX metrics enable faster routing and resolution for help desk ticket support, with key diagnostic metrics on CPU, Memory, Disk, Network and critical 'First Mile' metrics for Work-from-Home.

Use Case Stratusphere UX ServiceNow App Usage

Application Usage

Discover which apps are being used and how they are performing both in location and for remote workers.  Discover runaway processes and unapproved applications, which may be causing performance disruptions.

Use Case Stratusphere UX ServiceNow App Availability

Application Availability

Application specific performance dashboards can be created to support widely used software, including EPIC, Meditech, Outlook, Teams, Avaya, Jack Henry and more.

Use Case Stratusphere UX ServiceNow Machine Inventory

Asset Management

Gain visibility into details of hardware (age, maker, model, SN and more), software (apps installed vs. used) to ensure compliance, and to reduce costs through asset reclamation and redistribution.

Integration with ServiceNow Provides Significant ITSM Benefits and ROI

Liquidware Stratusphere UX is the industry leading user experience solution for any user workspace – physical, virtual, or cloud. ServiceNow offers digital workflow solutions including a leading ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) solution that enables an organization’s service desk to rapidly respond to help desk incidences.

Liquidware Stratusphere UX Integration with ServiceNow Architecture

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The Stratusphere Base Integration Kit for ServiceNow is available from qualified Liquidware partners. The kit enables ServiceNow customers with an intuitive approach to truly integrate rich user experience data from Stratusphere UX directly into ServiceNow.

Customers leveraging the Stratusphere UX Integration Kit for ServiceNow can easily customize their ServiceNow experience to include Stratusphere UX data that is unique to their operations. Organizations that have chosen Stratusphere UX find that the solution helps resolve help desk call up to 90 percent faster than traditional troubleshooting. Likewise, negative trends in user experience can be remedied before they become problems that cause user downtime.

The integration kit enables Liquidware Stratusphere UX Metrics to be seamlessly integrated with the ServiceNow Platform to provide detail rich reports.  Help desk ticket support metrics provide faster resolution and routing with deep diagnostic information.  Users can create application specific performance dashboards as well as complete inventory reports of for applications, hardware, and licenses -- both used and unused. The image below illustrates how seamlessly Stratusphere UX metrics can flow into ServiceNow reports to provide hard data for decision-making and remediation. The Stratusphere UX Integration Kit for ServiceNow is available now through Liquidware and qualified partners. Interested customers can contact Liquidware for further details.

ServiceNow Dashboards

Work From Home Dashboard

This is an example Work from Home Dashboard using just a few of the metrics from Stratusphere UX. Example metrics shown include Users Logged In, Users with VoIP Issues (Latency/Jitter), Users with High VDI Latency, and Users with High CPU Utilization . More complex dashboards are easily defined for specific user groups and business units – the data and uses cases are virtually unlimited.

Machine Management

As a part of the “Stratusphere Base Integration Kit,” machine inventory is pulled into ServiceNow into a separate table space from the primary CMDB. This data can then be used to augment the existing CMDB with metrics such as last boot time or resolution of the monitor(s) plugged into the machine.  Stratusphere UX Machine Inventory data provides comprehensive information about the desktop estate including age, maker, model, SN CPU, Memory, disk and many more details about the entire range of machines being deployed throughout the enterprise.

User Management

User inventory data is pulled into ServiceNow into a separate table space from the primary CMDB. This allows admins to look for specific users in a friendly intuitive way and then be able to drill down into more details about their workspaces including machine information.

User Details
This dashboard allows admins to drill down and get more details about a specific user, including what machines they are using.

Management of Stratusphere Server Connections is done in the ServiceNow interface. This interface shows the Stratusphere UX system name, MID Server name, and connectivity status of both. This interface can be used by the administrator to define Stratusphere Connections and put them into “Maintenance Mode” when updates are required.

Clicking on a server allows the admin to bring up details about the server including the settings for Scheduled Tasks.

DB Latency Report

The Stratusphere DB Connection Latency report helps to monitor the health of the connection from ServiceNow to the Stratusphere UX Database. This report plots DB Connection latency over time and is important to monitor for fast user interaction/updates of data.

Example Reports

The Stratusphere Base Integration Kit for ServiceNow comes with built-in example reports to get you started with integration of the data into your organization’s ServiceNow dashboards and incident management system.