Liquidware ProfileUnity and FlexApp with Imprivata OneSign

Delivering "Follow Me" Desktops with Single Sign On

Many Imprivata and Liquidware healthcare customers are delivering secure virtual and physical desktops with Single Sign On, robust User Environment Management, and Application Layering capabilities.

Imprivata OneSign gives care providers fast and easy access to their Citrix- or VMware-based virtual desktops. By replacing repetitive, manual log-ins with automated processes, Imprivata OneSign helps providers obtain information more efficiently, so they can spend more time with patients. By combining desktop virtualization with single sign-on, hospitals can provide clinicians with a roaming desktop that follows them throughout the day – increasing their productivity, satisfaction and overall adoption of electronic medical records.

ProfileUnity and FlexApp enable both full User Environment Management and optional Application Layering for any Windows desktop including Citrix and VMware based virtual desktops. ProfileUnity enables a follow-me persona that can automatically detect the location and context when a healthcare staff member signs onto the desktop or workstation through traditional means or with Imprivata OneSign. The users’ profile, policies, access to data and location-aware printing are then instantly configured. Additionally, desktop/workstation features can be locked down to ensure the desktop and environment remains secure and compliance regulations are kept intact.

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ProfileUnity and FlexApp with Imprivata OneSign Diagram

Liquidware and Imprivata solutions work together to deliver an efficient desktop with a great user experience:

  • An authorized user (doctor, nurse, or staff) simply activates a desktop terminal by tapping an ID card on a reader to access a virtual desktop session such as Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp, or VMware Horizon.
  • During the Windows sign-on process, Liquidware ProfileUnity intercepts the standard non-persistent image and instantly customizes it with the users last desktop session settings. User profile settings, custom dictionaries, mail signatures, and even desktop wallpaper are restored.
  • Context/location aware settings from ProfileUnity, such as printers, and even applications are also instantly configured and/or provisioned.
  • FlexApp application layering works with the process as well to delivery applications separate from the base image, keeping the management costs of the desktop environment low.
  • ProfileUnity’s Application Rights Management features further ensure that users have access to applications that may need additional privileges without granting full local administrator access.
  • If a second user taps into the same terminal the session instantly reconfigures for that user through the same steps above while securing the desktop and policies according to the settings deemed appropriate for that user.
  • Additional ProfileUnity triggers and actions can further customize the session on-the-fly with context aware settings. This is epically ideal for users that have portable desktop sessions.