Workspace Management for Nutanix Xi Frame


Key Use Cases For Nutanix Xi Frame

Liquidware User Environment Mgmt

Manage User Environment

User Environment Management for Nutanix XI Frame is provided by industry-leading ProfileUnity

Liquidware Application Layering

Deliver Apps On Demand

Application Delivery Strategies for Nutanix Xi Frame are supported by FlexApp application layering

Liquidware Monitoring

Monitor and & Diagnose

Monitoring & diagnostics data by Stratusphere UX is essential for Nutanix Environments

Liquidware Solutions Support Nutanix Xi Frame DaaS

AWS Advanced Tech PartnerLiquidware's Adaptive Workspace Management (AWM) solutions support any Windows endpoint regardless of how it is delivered, across physical, virtual or cloud-based workspaces within the Nutanix Xi Frame platform.  Nutanix is changing the way virtual workspaces are provided by delivering Windows apps and desktops as a service from the Xi Frame platform.  To make your transition to this platform seamless,  your first step is to get your users under management.  Liquidware''s AWM solutions enable you to measure your current enviornment in order to properly desigh, resource and migrate to your target enviornment on Nutanix Xi Frame alongside traditional cloud resources.  Nutanix has selected Liquidware's ProfileDisk feature (within ProfileUnity)  for its built-in entrerprise user profile management functionality.   Additionally, as administrators need more granular control of both user profiles and applications, Liquidware ProfileUnity and FlexApp can be leveraged to provide a wider range of management options.

Liquidware Stratusphere UX gathers and provides key user experience metrics to support design of desktop image and infrastructure on Nutanix, both on-premises and any cloud platform.  In addition, key diagnostics ensure uptime as well as the highest quality workspace performance across the spectrum from task workers to professional / power users.

  When paired with Liquidware Essentials, Including Stratusphere UX, ProfileUnity and FlexApp, organizations can get a true best-of-breed solution that takes time, frustration and cost out of a transition to the Nutanix platform.

Liquidware is a Nutanix Ready Partner in the Nutanix Partner Network. Nutanix is a Strategic Alliance Partner with Liquidware.

“Using ProfileUnity, all users’ printer preferences are assigned in a portability setting that follows them... it’s saved us no end of time.”

ICT Manager, Trinity College

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