ProfileDisk For Microsoft Outlook Indexing and Office 365 Caching

ProfileUnity is the only User Environment Management solution on the market with ProfileDisk, a feature that allows you to have users’ entire profiles on a provisioned VHD or VMDK.  Many organizations are using ProfileDisk in production now to provide Office 365 caching and handle extremely large profiles, and to enable Microsoft Windows and Outlook Indexing and Search for virtual desktops.  ProfileDisk seamlessly off-loads the entire user profile to disk for optimum performance and flexibility. ProfileDisk technology can be used with ProfileUnity’s longstanding Portability rule sets, giving Administrators the best of both worlds offering lightning fast profiles that are fully customizable, even when they are extremely large.

Nutanix has selected LIquidware's ProfileDisk feature for its built-in enterprise user profile management functionality to support its XiFrame DaaS platform.

ProfileDisk supports virtual desktop environments such as Citrix Virtual Desktop and Applications and VMware Horizon View, as well as physical desktops, cloud and DaaS platforms,  This feature provides the following key benefits:

  • Windows and Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 Indexing and Search – Windows Indexing is usually turned off in virtual workspace environments because it negatively impacts workspace performance and drags out login times. ProfileDisk enables indexing and search to remain on with its high performance capabilities so that user experience is not impacted even when these Microsoft features are enabled.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Cached Mode – Office 365 requires caching within the user’s profile. ProfileDisk seamlessly enables Office 365 functionality in virtual desktop environments.
  • Large Profiles – Often user profiles may need to remain large because of applications, such as Office 365, Skype for Business, and Lotus Notes, that write to profile files. ProfileDisk handles these applications with ease.
  • Speedy Logon times in Non-Persistent/Stateless VDI environments – Non-persistent VDI environments do not retain user profiles on their own, mandating that large portions of a user profile need to be written at logon or throughout the user session. Non-persistence can cause poor login performance or slow application response times. ProfileDisk eliminates the requirement for large profiles to transfer to end user desktops, thus significantly speeding up logon times and enabling great session performance.
  • Native Windows Profile Performance is supported by ProfileDisk without requiring a file system filter driver which may slow down native profile performance.