FlexApp Demo: Under 7 Minutes Jan 28 views: 2,013 0

Check out this demo that shows you a high-level look at Liquidware FlexApp in under 7 minutes.

Liquidware FlexApp for Citrix Environments, Application Layering Done Right Apr 23 views: 2,687 0

FlexApp is different than other approaches to layering because it focuses on applications and not OS layers. FlexApp helps you minimize base image management changes by getting applications out of your base images and simply attaching them at boot...

Amazon AppStream 2.0 Native Client and FlexApp User Experience Apr 14 views: 2,978 0

This video showcases the combined user experience journey of the new Amazon AppStream 2.0 Native Client when combined with the power of FlexApp Layering

AppStream 2.0 and FlexApp Working Together Mar 31 views: 2,681 0

This video will showcase the lifecycle of FlexApp working alongside the AppStream 2.0 platform through the Dynamic App Provider API. We will demonstrate the full user experience of FlexApp and AppStream 2.0 working together

FlexApp Integration with the new Microsoft WVD Platform Aug 28 views: 3,547 0

Liquidware is excited to be a Microsoft WVD partner. This video will provide an overview of how our FlexApp solution integrates with the WVD platform

Microsoft WVD and Liquidware FlexApp - Streamlined Base Image Management with Layering Aug 13 views: 4,037 0

Liquidware™ FlexApp™ is advanced application delivery that enables virtually any application to be delivered to Windows desktops, including Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). In this overview and demonstration you’ll see applications being layered to a...

Liquidware FlexApp and Amazon AppStream Working Together Dec 7 views: 4,392 0

Amazon AppStream is a state of the art application hosting platform built on top of robust Amazon infrastructure. The following video will provide an overview of how portable FlexApp layers integrate with AppStream.

Liquidware FlexApp and Amazon AppStream Implementation Best Practices Dec 7 views: 3,364 0

This video will showcase implementation best practices and packaging workflows when integrating portable FlexApp Layers with the Amazon AppStream platform

FlexApp v6.8 New Cloud Features Overview Dec 7 views: 2,949 0

ProfileUnity and FlexApp v6.8 Overview – The latest version of ProfileUnity and FlexApp enhances support for multi-cloud workspace environments. Several new features have been introduced including FlexApp support for object-based storage (Amazon S3,...


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