Liquidware's Unified Management Console Apr 27 views: 5,790 0

In this video, we'll show you how these powerful software tools can help you simplify and streamline the management of your desktop environment. With ProfileUnity, you can manage user profiles and policies across multiple desktop platforms and...

ProfileUnity ProfileDisk as an Alternative to Microsoft FSLogix Apr 4 views: 5,769 0

In this installment of the Advisor Series, Tom Nguyen, Liquidware Senior Solutions Architect, provides a quick overview of ProfileUnity’s ProfileDisk feature as an alternative to Microsoft FSLogix Profiles. He demonstrates how easy it is to setup with...

ProfileUnity Demo  Under 7 Minutes Jan 28 views: 15,024 0
Check out this demo that shows you a high-level look at Liquidware ProfileUnity in under 7 minutes.
Amazon WorkSpaces Migration Journey with ProfileUnity and FlexApp Jun 2 views: 13,543 0

In this video we will demonstrate the end user state migration journey from a physical or virtual endpoint to a new Amazon WorkSpace instance leveraging ProfileUnity and FlexApp from Liquidware.

Automated ProfileUnity deployments from Amazon Marketplace Mar 19 views: 12,433 0

In this video we will be outlining the steps to perform an automated deployment of ProfileUnity from the Amazon Marketplace.

Automated migration for Microsoft WVD and Windows 10 EVD Aug 7 views: 17,941 0

Liquidware’s User Environment Management enables seamless onboarding of users to Microsoft WVD and Windows 10 Multi-User (EVD-Enterprise Virtual Desktop). The process avoids the time consuming process of a traditional user migrations by automating the...

ProfileUnity and FlexApp on Microsoft WVD with FSLogix Jul 10 views: 16,418 0

This video demonstrates ProfileUnity and FlexApp’s support for the Windows 10 multi-session operating system on Microsoft WVD. ProfileUnity extends Microsoft FSLogix profile containers in this demonstration by allowing for easy onboarding and co-...

FlexApp Cloud and Cache Overview Nov 30 views: 14,670 0

FlexApp Caching is an industry exclusive. In this video you’ll see this innovative feature which provides administrators the option of allowing FlexApp packages to cache to the local session, avoiding disruptions by less than reliable networks....

What’s New in ProfileUnity and FlexApp v6.8 Nov 29 views: 15,111 0

ProfileUnity and FlexApp v6.8 is chock full of many new industry first innovations. In this overview you’ll gain an understanding and insight into FlexApp object-based cloud storage, FlexApp Caching, FlexApp Cloud Apps with zero packaging required,...


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