ProfileUnity ProfileDisk and Profile Containers for Office 365 Outlook OneDrive and more

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Thursday, May 10, 2018 - 10:00
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Large profiles are a big problem in virtual desktop environments that may have you wondering how to offer a robust Windows user profile with fast logins. ProfileUnity’s ProfileDisk and profile containers are a great solution for large profiles that contain cached information needed to achieve maximum user productivity -- free from interruptions and delays. ProfileDisk and profile containers seamlessly solve the conundrum of providing an excellent user experience when handling large profiles from Microsoft® Office365, Outlook, One Drive, Windows Indexing, and other applications with large amounts of data . With additional profile technologies, such as ProfileBridge™, to solve mixed Windows OS environment dilemmas, ProfileUnity is the only User Environment Solution on the market that can help you manage today’s dynamic workspaces and ensure optimum user productivity.

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