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Key Use Cases For Microsoft Windows

Liquidware User Environment Mgmt

User Environment Mgmt

User Environment Management for physical desktops is provided by the leading industry solution ProfileUnity

Liquidware Application Layering

Application Layering

Application Delivery Strategies for physical desktops are supported by FlexApp application layering

Liquidware Monitoring


Detailed monitoring metrics data provided by Stratusphere is essential for physical desktops

Solutions for Modern Desktops Running on Azure and Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

Liquidware solutions support any Windows desktop regardless of how it is delivered, whether physical or on Windows Virtual Desktop. Our Essentials bundle provides adaptive workspace management software that keeps your desktops and apps agile and competitive.

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, delivered from Windows 10 multi-user, is changing the way virtual desktops are delivered. To make your transition to this platform seamless, your first step is to get your users under management with Liquidware solutions. Our solutions enable you to measure your current environment in order to properly design, resource and move to your target environment on WVD on Microsoft Azure. 

Liquidware Stratusphere UX gathers and provides key user experience metrics to support design of desktop images and infrastructure on Microsoft's virtualization / cloud platform.  Key diagnostics ensure that the highest fidelity desktops are provided to users based on their requirements, whether task workers or professional / power users.

Liquidware ProfileUnity and FlexApp harvests the current user workspace and applications to prepare for a smooth migration to Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktops. Administrators can orchestrate workspace changes from one central management console.  ProfileUnity offers features that support ongoing management of user profiles, policies, user-authored data and cloud storage for users. This solution also allow users to co-exist and move across physical, virtual, RDS, and mixed Windows OS (Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 10 multi-user virtualization, RDSH, Server 2016) with ease. Additional features boost desktop security with policy management, application restriction, blacklisting and whitelisting, granular or complete desktop lockdown and priviledge elevation.

Benefits for Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktops Running on Azure

Liquidware solutions enable the following benefits for your desktops, whether physical or Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure. Deploy and scale desktop environments with confidence.

Plan, Grow, and Scale:  

With industry leading user-experience metrics, Stratusphere UX has been used by thousands of organizations to plan a move to virtual desktops. Organizations can size and design their modern desktops on Azure with confidence. After deployment, Stratusphere UX shows user desktop experience quality at-a-glance.  Administrators and help desk staff have the visibility they need to quickly diagnose negative trends before they impact end-user productivity.  At each succeeding stage, more users with diverse requirements can be measure to successfully add them to WVD.

Seamless User Migrations:  

ProfileUnity provides a universal profile that supports cross-Windows OS portability.  That means that a single ProfileUnity profile is compatible wiht Windows 7/8/, Server 2012 and 2016 right out of the box. ProfileUnity automatically makes user profiles compatible in seconds at logon.  Profiles, applications, policies, and user data all move with the user profile and are all available to user at first logon on the new platform.

Streamlined Base-image Management: 

FlexApp minimizes base image management by delivering layered applications to Microsoft desktops.  Administrators can choose the timing to deliver applications from either at boot time, login or on-demand with our exclusive Click-to-Layer technology.

Enterprise Grade Profile Management:

Microsoft 365 caches and OneDrive create larger profiles that necessitate a much faster profile cache. ProfileUnity’s ProfileDisk technology solves the problem of caching and enables quick logons for persistent and non-persistent desktops.   No other product matches the speed and effectiveness of the combination of ProfileUnity's cross-Windows OS profile portability feature with the ProfileDisk feature.

Process Optimization:

Stratusphere UX process optimization feature for desktops was built with virtual environments in mind. The solution automatically adjusts workloads with CPU process optimization to provide the best desktop performance available.

Faster Overall Logons:

Stratusphere UX can analyze logons and provide deep-level metrics of the processes that may lengthen logons to unacceptable levels.  ProfileUnity can dramatically improve overall logon times with centralized profile and policy management. ProfileUnity also streamlines Microsoft Active Directory look-ups, applying policies through any of over 144 context-aware settings.


“ProfileUnity does just what I need it to do – it enables a consistent user environment, and troubleshooting profiles is much quicker.”

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