Liquidware Stratusphere UX Architecture

Platform Agnostic Visibility For All Desktop Workspaces

The Stratusphere UX architecture was designed for scale to provide end-to-end visibility for physical, virtual and cloud-delivered workspaces. Whether your goals are to Baseline & Onboard Users,  minimize risk and care for workspaces through Diagnostics & Drill Down or maintain your platform and infrastructure through Performance Validation and Optimization, this solution is key to maximizing the potential of complex workspace environments. Stratusphere UX CID Keys provide in-guest visibility to numerous clients, from Windows to Macs to Linux. 

Liquidware Stratusphere UX Architecture

Stratusphere UX employs an architecture comprised of a few easy-to-install and manage elements which includes three virtual appliances and an extremely lightweight agent as described below:

  • Stratusphere Hub ApplianceDelivered as a virtual appliance, the Hub serves as the central management, policy, reporting and alerting function for Stratusphere UX. From Helpdesk admins to senior engineers and architects, the Stratusphere Hub is the interface for user experiencefor all users, all machines and all applications.
  • Stratusphere Database ApplianceThe Stratusphere Database Appliance provides a turnkey data storage repository for collected metrics and information. The appliance is a required component for larger environments and can be sized to account for overall data collection goals and retention policy.
  • Stratusphere Connector ID KeysThese small and lightweight software agents are installed on physical, virtual or cloud-based workspaces to gather endpoint configuration and performance data. Connector ID (CID) Keys provide deep in-guest visibility, capturing everything from CPU, RAM and storage metrics to latency, response time and bandwidth consumption.
  • Stratusphere Collector AppliancesThe Stratusphere Collector Appliance is the primary aggregator for Stratusphere CID Keys. Collector appliances can be decentralized and provide collection redundancy for in-guest metrics. Additionally, Collector Appliances provide for network visibility and are typically deployed one per virtual host or pod, capturing network latency, network application response times as well as connection and bandwidth consumption. The Collector Appliance has the option of being deployed as a CID Collector, Network Collector or as a combined CID Key and Network Collector.

Microsoft Active Directory, VMware vCenter and Nutanix Prism are optional components within the Stratusphere UX architecture that provide imported details on user group definition and supporting infrastructure, which are employed by Stratusphere UX in reporting, alerting and filtering.  

The Stratusphere API extends access to the solution's metrics and information to other monitoring tools and dashboards, as well as allows generating ad hoc reports and creating custom tools that leverage collected user experience metrics.

Liquidware Stratusphere UX API