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Every day that you let go by without experiencing the transformative effects of Liquidware's solutions for your desktops can cost you the race to new levels of productivity, security and control.  We offer Test Drives so you can efficiently get a hands-on experience without the additional steps of downloading and standing up software in your environment, thereby significantly cutting down the time needed to evaluate our products!

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With a Liquidware Test Drive, you can immediately get insight into how our solutions can benefit you and improve your desktop-user experience.

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Stratusphere UX Advanced Inspectors

  • Determine which physical machines are a good FIT for virtualization
  • Check the quality of your user experience on desktops
  • Understand how your desktops are utilizing resources
  • Drill down into applications processes and resource usage
  • Spot issues right away and provide critical diagnostics info with a few clicks

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ProfileUnity (Admin Experience Only)

This version of the Test Drive experience is limited to the ProfileUnity Administrative Management Console only and provides a hands-on demo of management features, including provisioning settings, configuration, lockdown, etc. You can map drives, manage printers, assign desktop shortcuts and more!

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