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Desktop Virtualization Solutions for Financial Services Firms

Liquidware solutions are used by financial services enterprises around the world.  Financial services organizations face unique requirements, dealing with big data, a dynamic consumer base, and a wide array of offerings that are supported by personnel and through online support.  These organizations' daily operations require continual syncing of massive data inputs with application processing in real time.  These demands require that financial services specialists always have access to secure, high performing workspaces.  Liquidware solutions ensure a quality, responsive user experience on all Windows workspaces regardless of how they are delivered.  Our solutions also reduce the complexity of muti-platform architectures, increasing manageability and control; thereby creating more secure workspaces.

Liquidware solutions provide the following value-add benefits for financial services organizations:

ProfileUnity allows financial specialist staff to move across and use any workspaces in any available office, either branches or main offices.    This solution can also speed adoption of new Windows operating systems versions with zero-downtime automated migrations.  By applying context-aware filters within ProfileUnity, users can more securely login to  any location and access the local devices and peripherals, including printers.

FlexApp helps keep base-image management to a minimum by reducing the number of master images needed and restricting them to only the most used applications.  With click to layer, approved applications can be quickly delivered to specific users as they require them. Admins can assign applications by department allowing them to leverage the same image or multi-session server.

Stratusphere UX provides SpotCheck workspace diagnostics to confirm a quality user experience.  Trend usage patterns to pinpoint slowdowns and reduce outages.   Login Breakdown information allows admins to optimize logins for top user productivity.  The Stratusphere UX Process Optimization feature can potentiallyextend the lifespan of hardware for an additional six to 18 months, even while improving the user experience on ageing hardware assets.  With detailed visibility, this solution can diagnose poorly performing applications or resource bottlenecks, and provide data about root causes  to quickly troubleshoot problems.

Real-world customer use cases for Liquidware solutions

A large bank based on the east coast leverages a Liquidware Acceler8 partner who uses the Stratusphere UX API to offer a custom-blended business information, analytics and reporting platform that combines detailed user experience metrics data with other organizational data.

An enterprise trading corporation replaced competing vendor products with  Stratusphere UX for platform-agnostic monitoring and diagnostics across both VMware and Citrix workspace environments.​

A wealth management and financial investment company uses ProfileUnity used to minimize risk from remote users in off-shore development and support functions. Stratusphere UX is used to optimize Citrix best practices as a means to scale and to extend workspaces to independent agents as a revenue-generating service.​

An insurance and risk management corporation uses Stratusphere UX for monitoring  and diagnostics of its Citrix environment.

An online stock trading and investment corporation uses Stratusphere UX to provide visibility for a hybrid environment of in-house applications delivered via streaming and Citrix VDI atop VMware vSphere.

A professional consulting company for financial services organizations uses Stratusphere UX for visibility into VMware View and global metrics for logins, IE browser use, application performance and Windows processes and services benchmarks.

A leading investment strategy firm uses Stratusphere UX to gain visibility into a Nutanix converged infrastructure environment.

“All students’ user profiles, configurations and application settings are managed by ProfileUnity, which delivers personalization to the non-persistent VM assigned to the...

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