Machine Boot & Login Process Breakdown

Create the Optimal First Impression

They say you only get one opportunity to make a first impression. For desktop workloads, that impression is cast during the machine boot and login process. Stratusphere UX provides very detailed visibility into the events and processes that run during this critically important time.  This visibility includes granular detail about all major steps, including Authentication, User Group Policy, User Profile Service, Per User System Parameters, Themes, Windows License Status Check and Restoring Network Connections, to name a few.

Stratusphere UX's ability to trend details provides for an excellent way to examine the machine boot and login process across groups of machines; over a configurable period of time. Here we showcase machine-group logins over the last 30 days.

Trending in Liquidware Stratusphere UX

This visibility is important in a number of areas and use cases throughout the user lifecycle:

  • During the functions where you may look to Baseline & Onboard Users, login visibility helps to insure you are aware of pre-migration or transformation performance as a means to manage expectations and define overall goals
  • When looking to provide assistance for Operations & First-tier Support, this visibility is important to examine impact and determine affected users
  • When in jeopardy and performing a reactive Diagnostics & Drill Down exercise, the granular metrics are critical to getting to the true cause of the login delay
  • Visibility to the machine boot and login process is also impactful when making platform changes or enhancements to your infrastructure. Stratusphere UX can assist with Performance Validation & Optimization at this stage in the lifecycle.

The Machine Boot and Login Breakdown Advanced Mode Inspector (below) provides the visibility to optimize and diagnose issues that can impede the boot process. This Inspector allows you to easily see issues at at glance, spending less time troubleshooting and providing administrators with greater path to meeting user experience goals.

Liquidware Stratusphere UX Advanced Login Breakdown Inspector