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Monitor DEX with Stratusphere UX: Gain Insights, Optimize Experiences

Elevate your Digital Employee Experience (DEX) with Stratusphere™ UX, the comprehensive monitoring, analytics, and diagnostics solution from Liquidware. Go beyond traditional monitoring and gain actionable insights into the health and performance of your user environment, allowing you to:

Visually Analyze DEX with Ease:

  • Intuitive Dashboards: Gain instant visibility into key metrics, like application responsiveness, session performance, and end-user experience scores.
  • Drill-down Capabilities: Dive deeper into specific issues to identify root causes and troubleshoot effectively.
  • Customizable Reports: Tailor reports to your specific needs and track progress over time. Options to export data to Microsoft PowerBI or integrate with complementary solutions with a powerful API.
  • User Sentiment Surveys: Directly capture user feedback to better understand their needs and enhance decision-making. This direct line of insight ensures that your DEX strategies are aligned with actual user experiences and preferences, enhancing satisfaction and productivity.

Identify and Resolve Issues Proactively:

  • Real-time Alerts: Get notified immediately of potential issues impacting DEX.
  • Diagnostics: Leverage the most comprehensive compilation of workspace data to diagnose and resolve complex issues.
  • User-centric Troubleshooting: Resolve user issues affecting productivity, rather than maintaining infrastructure systems.

Boost DEX with Stratusphere UX Optimizer:

  • Dynamically Optimize Resource Allocation: Stratusphere UX Optimizer automatically grants in-focus applications the CPU resources they need, while guarding against background applications that monopolize resources.
  • Improve Application Responsiveness: By prioritizing critical applications, Optimizer ensures users experience faster loading times and smoother operation.
  • Reduce Logon Times: Optimizer can optimize user profile loading times, leading to quicker logons and increased productivity.
  • Minimize Application Conflicts: Optimizer automatically resolves conflicts between applications on a file level basis, ensuring stability and reliability.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Ultimately, Stratusphere UX Optimizer helps create a more seamless and efficient user experience by reducing wait times, ensuring resource availability for critical applications, and preventing application conflicts.

Stratusphere UX empowers you to:

  • Gain a Holistic View of Your DEX: Understand how your users are experiencing your applications and infrastructure.
  • Identify and Resolve Issues Quickly: Proactively address problems before they impact user productivity.
  • Optimize Your User Environment: Leverage Optimizer to dynamically allocate resources and improve application performance.
  • Empower Your IT team: Equip IT with the tools they need to deliver excellent DEX.
  • Reduce Costs: Optimize resource utilization and improve operational efficiency.

Start monitoring your DEX and unlock its full potential with Stratusphere UX. Take control of your user experience and deliver a truly exceptional digital workplace.

Sunstate Customer Story



Sunstate Equipment digitally transformed their Citrix environment with the help of Liquidware partner MK7 and Stratusphere UX which allowed the company to assess current desktops to plan a migration to a more efficient and cost-effective cloud/on-premises hybrid environment. Click here to see the full customer success story.



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Product Features

Spotcheck Feature
SpotCheck compares normal /abnormal performance in a sequenced drill-down to quickly discover issues in an existing platform or architecture.
Login Breakdown Feature
Login Breakdown
Login Breakdown provides granular details of the login process including Authentication, Group Policy, Profile Service, License Status, and more.
Process Optimization Feature
Process Optimization
Process Optimization can boost key workspace processes to yield greater workload density, minimize risk and enhance performance.

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